GardenShedUK Range Focus: Sheds

Our range of buildings is always expanding, from a humble shed for storage to a full on Spa Huas for some seriously relaxing evenings in your garden, GardenShedUK has a building for every need, can’t find one? We can still make your vision a reality with a few tweeks. Here’s an introduction to our range of sheds and garden buildings to help you choose the best solution for your outdoor space. 

Budget Shed

This may be our entry level building, but recent modifications in how we produce this model make it far from humble. The Budget has been a best seller in our range for a few years now and for 2020 we have upgraded some of the key features to make it stand out from our competitors. We make our budget sheds with a fully 2×2 framed door, hung with 3 heavy duty galvanised ‘T’ hinges. We also include ‘joinery’ windows as standard, meaning a strong window with stylish looks. Finish this with our unique profiled 12mm tounge and groove cladding over a robust 2 x 1 framing our budget shed demonstrates the attention to detail we put into all our buildings. 


Choose from 2 different roof styles Apex or Pent, each of these styles has its advantages, giving you flexibility to specify a building to suit your space.

Apex Roof

The Apex option is a pitched roof, giving good standing height, making it an ideal choice if you are looking to do some DIY or do odd jobs in your shed, it also means that you can store tools along the wall. Apex sheds look good in the middle of a garden due to their symmetry.

Pent Roof

The Pent roof option is one slope from one edge to the other, giving more height at the front of the shed for the door. A Pent is a good option if you want to use your shed more for storage based solution, they also lend themselves to positioning against a fence or wall. It’s always good to ensure any foliage is kept trimmed back from any shed roof, minimising damage to the roof covering during its life.  

Our budget range is part of our shed range which offers a wide variety of options across the range. Visit the website to see our shed range

Next Level Style Cedar Garden Buildings

Over the last year we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of our Cedar clad garden buildings, the finished look of these buildings is stunning, pair this with painted windows, trim and doors and you have an elegant statement for any garden.

The Cedar Royal comes with joinery doors and windows; this means they feature a moulded profile and are mortised to ensure not only a stylish, but a sturdily constructed component. All our joinery doors and windows are tanalised, this treatment impregnates the wood with a preservative, giving another level of protection under the painted surface.

Above: Cedar Royal panels for a Cedar Royal before and after painted doors and windows fitted, ready and waiting for our in house installation team to load up and deliver. GSUK offer a free installation service to addresses within a 50 mile radius of our show site.

The Magic of Cedar

GSUK Cedar cladding is from Red Cedar Wood, as with all our timber it is from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved sources, this means it is harvested through sustainable forestry practices. When it arrives at GardenShedUK and when it is first installed it is a fantastic red colour.

As Cedar matures it changes colour to a silver grey hue, this doesn’t mean the material degrades, quite the opposite, this natural weathering process is due to the timber’s exposure to sunlight and gives it a distinctive look. If you want to retain the red colour of the Cedar buildings then you can use a preservative.

All Cedar buildings leave GSUK untreated, as we feel the natural weathering process compliments the buildings aesthetics.

Looking stunning in any setting. Visit us to find out more or to order your Cedar Royal building today