What is Tanalised?

Pressure-treated wood or tanalised timber uses a high-pressure tank to force the preservative chemicals deep into the timber quickly.  Timber is loaded into the treatment vessel, hydraulic pressure is applied to the timber, forcing the Tanalith E wood preservative deep into the structure of the timber.

Does tanalised timber require maintenance?

Yes, we recommend the use of a high-performance oil-based treatment.  We offer our own high-performance oil-based treatment which is available to buy in tins or we also offer a service where we apply the oil in our factory prior to your building being installed.  We do not recommend the use of water-based treatments – no liability will be accepted if the incorrect type of treatment is applied to the building.

Does the building come with a floor?

Yes, all of our buildings come with a floor, however, they do not come with a base, these are an extra.

What type of base do I need?

It is essential that your base is prepared correctly, we require your base to be solid, flat and most importantly level, leaving enough space around the building for installation and maintenance.   Bases that are not level can affect the opening of doors/windows or cause the building to twist.  We would recommend you use concrete, slabs, flags or alternatively we offer a tanalised timber air tech base, which is suitable for any surface, and we do all the work for you!

What access is needed to install my building?

Fair and reasonable access must be given on the day of installation.  Please bear in mind that all sizes are external but do not include the roof/overhang, please allow at least 6-8 inches all the way around the building for the roof overhang.  Please check any obstacles that will prevent access, including height and width. Certain size buildings will not fit through a standard house door, through a ginnel or under an arched gate for example. We can manufacture buildings in modular form for tight access at an additional fee of 20% of the overall cost of the building.  We do NOT under any circumstances carry buildings over roofs, carports, outdoor buildings, fences, walls or over long distances due to insurance purposes.  It is your responsibility to inform us upon ordering, of any issues regarding access to your garden.

What size vehicles are used to deliver my building?

We use 3.5 tonne Ford Transit flat-bed vans.

Do you have buildings on display we can look at?

Unfortunately, our show site is currently closed due to Covid-19. However, we have numerous other show sites that are open for business, please contact us for further details.

Do you make custom builds?

Yes.  We would require a rough sketch of the building emailing to us, which includes sizes, window/door positions and any other information relevant so that we can give you a quotation.

What does nominal sizes mean?

Nominal sizes refer to timber size prior to machining. The finished size after machining is normally around 4mm less than the nominal size.

Are there any planning restrictions?

Planning restrictions may vary depending on where you are located and where the proposed building is going in the garden. The normal restriction is if the building is going within 2m of the boundary line then it needs to be below 2.5m to the highest point. We would always recommend checking with your local office

Do the prices include delivery and installation?

If you live within a 50-mile radius of our show site in Rotherham (S63 6EX) we offer a free delivery and installation service.  We do, however, operate Nationwide.  For addresses further than 50 miles from our show site, delivery will be added at the checkout.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes, all of our buildings come with a minimum 10-year anti-rot guarantee, however fair and reasonable care must be given in maintaining your building.  Modifications made to a building may render your guarantee invalid.

  • 12mm tanalised shiplap cladding – 10 years against rotting
  • 16mm tanalised loglap cladding – 15 years against rotting
  • 20mm tanalised loglap cladding – 25 years against rotting
  • Internal cladding packages – 1 year
  • Polyester roofing felt – 1 year
  • Firestone rubber roofing – 25 years
  • Metal roof – 20 years
  • Glass – no guarantee is given

What are the payment terms?

We require a 10% deposit upon ordering, the balance is then payable in full, on the day of installation.

What is the lead time from ordering to installation?

All buildings are hand made to order, in our own on-site factory.  Our current lead time has been increased due to Covid-19 and the volume of orders received. Please contact us prior to ordering.