Felt Tile Roof (apex roof sheds only)

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Felt shingle tiles and upgraded heavy duty framed roof – only available on the Apex style roof i.e. the Apex Royal and The Brampton – or any of our summerhouses and workshops that feature an Apex roof.

  • Heavy duty
  • Prolong the life of your shed
  • Available on Apex roofs only
  • Stylish

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering a felt tile roof, if your building has a frontal overhang, such as the Apex Royal or Brampton, you must order a size 2ft bigger i.e. if you order a 10×8 Apex Royal, the felt tile roof size is 10×10.

10 year guarantee
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8x6 £370.00
8x8 £455.00
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10x8 £550.00
10x10 £645.00
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12x10 £689.00
12x12 £755.00
14x6 £535.00
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14x12 £880.00
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