Contemporary Corner House

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Introduced in 2018 and quickly becoming one of our best sellers, the Contemporary Corner House offers a more modern feel, with long glass doors and windows. Why not add a Firestone Rubber roof and let us paint the build, to really make that corner of your garden come alive!

  • Modern style
  • Exterior painting available
  • Add an Internal Cladding Package and one of our Electrical Packages to the corner house to create a home office
  • Shiplap or loglap
  • Extra side windows available
  • 12mm tanalised shiplap cladding has a 10-year anti-rot guarantee
  • 16mm tanalised loglap cladding has a 15-year anti-rot guarantee
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2x2 Framing 12mm Shiplap Cladding 2x2 Framing 16mm Loglap Cladding
6x6 £1,525.00 £1,720.00
7x7 £1,960.00 £2,215.00
8x8 £2,270.00 £2,555.00
9x9 £2,420.00 £2,780.00
10x10 £3,205.00 £3,685.00
Tanalised Airtech Bases For Corner House
Tanalised Airtech Bases For Corner House4×2 treated timber fully framed base, can take gradients of …From £190.00
6x6 £190.00
7x7 £260.00
8x8 £300.00
9x9 £330.00
10x10 £390.00
Corner House Internal Cladding Packages
Corner House Internal Cladding PackagesTime to turn your corner house into the garden room …From £2,010.00
6x6 £2,010.00
7x7 £2,190.00
8x8 £2,275.00
9x9 £2,570.00
10x10 £2,780.00
Electrical Package - Bronze
Electrical Package - BronzeIncludes 1 x light switch 2 x double sockets 1 …£495.00
Electrical Package - Silver
Electrical Package - SilverIncludes 1 x light switch 3 x double sockets including …£625.00
Electrical Package - Gold
Electrical Package - GoldIncludes 1 x light switch 4 x double sockets including …£795.00
Factory Applied High Performance Oil Based Treatment
Factory Applied High Performance Oil Based TreatmentWe provide a service of pre-oiling your building within our …From £50.00
6x4 £60.00
7x5 £70.00
8x6 £80.00
10x6 £95.00
8x8 £95.00
10x8 £110.00
12x8 £125.00
12x10 £155.00
12x12 £190.00
14x8 £185.00
14x10 £205.00
14x12 £225.00
16x8 £200.00
16x10 £225.00
18x8 £225.00
18x10 £250.00
20x8 £235.00
20x10 £280.00
Extra Royal Window
Extra Royal WindowAdd an extra Royal window to our Contemporary range of …£125.00
Contemporary Corner House Painting
Contemporary Corner House PaintingColours available Old English Green with Urban Slate trim Seagrass …From £440.00
6x6 £440.00
7x7 £480.00
8x8 £500.00
9x9 £540.00
10x10 £565.00